SWAP Phase 1

Learn more about the first phase of our swapping mechanism

  1. https://geodb.medium.com/the-technical-ins-and-outs-of-the-token-conversion-distribution-a91642fb39f9

Why Are We Blacklisting Wallets?

Ultimately, this is about achieving the best possible conversion rate for our genuine users.

  • Running emulators
  • sharing constant data from a device which doesn’t have a natural human behavior (e.g., a phone which always has been in the same position)
  • Using third party software to stimulate walking/running.
  • Any other means of misleading or defrauding the system

Early Swapping

Phase 1 swap Process:

  1. Send the Geocash test tokens that you want to convert to: 0x879fa4C4090Ab0a6D8a33f0364B029823a3dDe46
Scan the address using geocash to send Geos to the Swap address.
How to send Geocash for swap to Geo Swap Address.
How to get the private key from your geocash wallet.
How to upload your wallet from GeoCash to Metamask using a private key.

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