GeoDB is Crowdfunding again!

Dear community,

After having received many queries from potential investors who didn’t manage to participate in our last crowdfunding campaign, we have decided to take a step forward and open the last and special opportunity for you!

GeoDB is CROWDFUNDING again! You are key to us and we want you all to be part of this success story! Let’s build a #NewDataEconomy together:

Personal data is valuable. We must give pricing power to you, the people. Winning back trust in the digital economy depends on giving people much more control of the usage, ownership, and value of their information.

We are happy to share that we are opening the second crowdfunding campaign for GeoDB on — one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in Europe.

With more than 400,000 data points uploaded every day and a database that will reach 100,000,000 entries before summer, GeoDB is on its way to becoming the new trusted source of information for big data market players. GeoDB’s ecosystem will help extract a new of its kind business insights while at the same time protecting user’s interests and rights.

Join as an investor alongside our pool of existing European institutional investors.

You can already pre-register on for exclusive early access and get early bird benefits. You will know before the crowd once our private phase is open.

Join the future of data economy with GeoDB!

The GeoDB Team!

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Geo Data Block - The first Peer to Peer Data Sharing Ecosystem powered by Blockchain Technologies - Check our web:

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