GeoDB is coming back to Seedrs!

Join this Future Fund opportunity.

Hi everyone!

As we had already announced in our social media official channels, GeoDB is coming back to Seedrs to take advantage of the Future Fund funding opportunity in the UK. This top-up round will allow us to push our mission forward no matter what happens in the world during the next 24 months.

Our early-access pre-registration web is now available. Follow the link to get priority access:

We will initially launch privately and after a couple of days, we will open publicly for the rest of the crowd. This will happen next week, so join now our priority access list and be the first to know. We already have more than 3,000 pre-registered investors!

Ahead of launching, we have an important committed amount from current investors so we expect this new crowdfunding campaign to be another big success. Another step towards our BIG goal, become one of the most relevant sources of data for this blossoming off-online, online & on-chain industry.

More than 1,500 investors have already joined our company through our previous 3 funding rounds, and we welcome you to this great journey.

Thanks again for your constant support.

Warm regards and stay safe,

The GeoDB Team.

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