GeoDB Demo 2. Webwallet

Missed us? Here we go with a new report on our progress!

Smartphone apps like geoCash are cool and all, but web browser is still at the heart of every internet interaction. Understanding that, there is more of this demo that we wanted you to checkout, a webwallet app to showcase and get a deeper understanding of how GeoDB is going to work at a conceptual level.

You can find the webwallet demo here. Right now, it is necessary to install Metamask plugin (it’s neccesary to configure it to use Kovan network) in your browser if you wish to access full functionality, but don’t worry! It is not mandatory to get a good grasp of our intent here.

As any webwallet, it comes with the basic feature of showing your funds so you can boast about your GEO balance with your friends. But lets skip what we already know and jump to the exciting things!

In the webwallet, you can make basic interactions to reap GEO rewards while it is active. This is just for playground purposes, as that feature is much more well implemented in our geoCash demo, which you can checkout in our latest post.

A beautifully crafted App Store mock up is also online! Here, just as you would do with the Google Play Store, you can purchase apps with your hard earned GEO tokens. With this, we are looking to foster innovation through the developers community established around GeoDB. Developers will be able to upload their creations and get a reward for it.

Finally, as a part of GeoDB infrastructure, a simple query form is available for you to play with. Pay with GEO and obtain a customized dataset.

But do not forget this one thing, our dear friends, everything shown so far is part of a demo, but what a demo! As we have noted in our previous post, we want to show you what we want to do in GeoDB and we believe that this is the way to go.

Nevertheless, mistake not. This is a demo, but GEO token is an ERC-20 token, and our appStore and our form to query information are developed using Ethereum smart contracts deployed on Kovan. In other words, our demo uses similar technologies to those that will be used in our final solution.

Any questions? Feel free to ask our newest team member, Rafael, at .

Rafael is one of the newest incorporations to the GeoDB team, as a core designer of the blockchain components in the project. Rafael has dedicated his career in the field of software development, starting with a background education in computer science, networking and telecommunication electronics, has been recently involved in the blockchain industry for the perfect mixup of his acquired abilities and motivations: networking, protocol design, concurrent — autonomous systems, and a white canvas to change the world. Coming from the highly competitive railway industry as embedded software engineer, he will provide the vision and methods to ensure that GeoDB delivers solid, compliant code at the most delicate parts of our ecosystem.

There’s a lot of information to assimilate, so we take a short break. We will return very soon to talk about new cool developments :)

Stay tuned!

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