$GEO Token initial listing!

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Our coin, the $GEO has shown 100+% growth during the first day of trading on LongBit.

Almost one and a half years after we first started to think about this lovely project, yesterday, 09/09/2019, GeoDB Coin (GEO), the token which will be used for data purchase transactions in GeoDB ecosystem, was successfully listed on Longbit.com. Two trading pairs are now available on Longbit:





During the first day of trading GEO has shown a magnificent daily growth of more than 100%, which definitely shows a high interest in the project from crypto community.

Luis Gelado, the CEO & Co-Founder of GeoDB commented on this: “We are happy to see such a great activity during the first day. The trading volumes & price increase we have seen only confirm, that we are building a great solution, which is being well accepted by the market. We are excited and thankful for the support, but this is just a small first step. More partnerships, tech updates and of course new exchanges listings are coming in the nearest time. We feel that we are on the right way of building one of the strongest coins on the market. Thank you for your support!”

We hope to see you all jumping onboard!


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GeoDB is a decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing ecosystem powered by blockchain technologies.

GeoDB’s mission is to democratize the 260bn Big Data industry, building an open ecosystem in which to establish better and trusted relationships between market participants while giving back control and value to data generators, the users.

GeoDB main website: https://geodb.com/

GeoDB tokensale website: https://tokensale.geodb.com/

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Geo Data Block - The first Peer to Peer Data Sharing Ecosystem powered by Blockchain Technologies - Check our web: www.geodb.com

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