GEO Expanding Strategy

May 2020, a month that we will remember.

May 2020 is going to be really big for GeoDB’s community. Two new listings of the GEO token on to top 50 exchanges by volume according to Coinmarketcap — Bitforex and Bione.

After having listed the GEO token on Longbit & ZT during 2019 we have learned a lot about the needs of crypto communities around the world. Now we are ready for bigger steps.

Both of the exchanges are very friendly to international users, have a friendly interface, multilanguage support, and most importantly, each of them has a strong own community. So, this is a win-win deal for our current and future community. The current community of GEO supporters will be able to trade GEO in powerful platforms with many trading pairs, while the rest of the global crypto community who hasn’t heard about GEO yet, will know about us through the exchanges they used to trade on.

Many experts in the industry notice that GeoDB looks much more mature & attractive for the crypto community than 6 months ago. We are recognized as the most trendy European blockchain startup by CrunchBase, more than 50K of users have downloaded the GeoCash app, the Seedrs campaign went fantastic and the total number of current investors in GeoDB is already more than 1,600. So, now its time to reflect this growth in our crypto community.

Luis Gelado says: “It’s less than 6 months to our main net launch. We need to make sure that we provide enough liquidity and support to our users and investors. This is only the first step. More global media coverage, AMAs with leading crypto communities, and of course new big listings will be happening”.

Speaking about media support — one of the first who reacted to GeoDB’s activity was Cointelegraph China, who will hold an AMA on 06.05.2020 at 10 am CET.

Join can join us through this link:

And finally the listing dates:

Bitforex 08.05.2020 — Bione 10.05.2020

Enjoy the week and stay safe,

The GeoDB Team.

The team is always available through our official Telegram Group:

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