Another big win for GeoDB!

We are happy to share that GeoDB has won the Blockchain Leadership Summit startup competition, which was held in Barcelona as a part of the Global Smart City Expo during 19–21 of November 2019!

The summit itself went very productive for us. Many attendees showed a great interest to GeoDB and we have managed to close several important strategic partnerships which we will announce in the nearest time!

Our Co-Founder & CEO Luis Gelado had an honor to give a keynote speech about smart cities & big data market inefficiencies and how marketplaces can solve those problems.

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However, the main challenge and the most fascinating part of the event was the startup competition! Many highly talented teams across the world who were initially preselected by Summit organizers were competing for different prizes from the event organizers and sponsors.

We are very proud and happy for our team, community & investors that GeoDB has managed to get the first prize which included an acceptance & scholarship from Tim Draper Accelerator in Silicon Valley, introduction to a network of investors from and a 50.000 USD listing fee coupon from KuCoin Exchange.

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Here is what Luis Gelado says about experience on the Summit: “Blockchain Summit at Barcelona was a wonderful experience. We had the opportunity to share experiences with other relevant players in the market, make connections and close some potential big partnerships for GeoDB. Participating and winning the startup competition is definitely a tipping point for the company as we move towards product launch in the coming months. We are really looking forward to coming back next year!”

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And that’s all for today! We will come back with bigger updates soon! Stay tuned!

The GeoDB Team.

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