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Smartkey, the blockchain-based integration platform, has taken another step in creating the future smart cities with a formal integration with GEODB, a peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem.

The implementation will see SmartKey initially deliver car and mobility data via GEODB to data buyers representing big data & market intelligence segments, such as AboutGoods, Abacus, Nisgo, Flame Analytics, or Datalytics, who will use it to provide data-driven analytics to leading global brands such as Carrefour, McDonald’s, Telefonica, Audi, and many others. Over time, Smartkey will also provide smart city and smart home data, including utilities, weather controllers, pressure sensors, temperature gauges…

We’re excited to announce that GeoDB has launched our own Chainlink node live on mainnet, making consumer data accessible by smart contract developers. The first dataset is made available directly on-chain and cryptographically signed by our Chainlink node will be location data from mobile users. This involves users sharing their geolocation with the GeoDB marketplace for a reward, which the oracle will use to return the number of people (phones) that were within a specified radius of that location during a specified time. …

GeoDB is happy to announce a new partnership with Ocean Protocol, which will help bring more decentralization to the GeoDB Ecosystem and share generated data through new markets supported by Ocean.

The Future of GeoDB and Ocean

GeoDB will use Ocean Protocol technology within its marketplace to add the necessary elements of automated data exchange deals, metadata management, and in the future — compute-to-data operations. …

GeoDB is proud to announce that it will be implementing Binance Chain as its second layer in the part of the protocol that distributes rewards to users at GeoCash and other future applications connected to GeoDB. This implementation will allow GeoDB ecosystem participants to execute operations at high speed and low transaction costs.

The decision to add a protocol layer in the form of the Binance Chain has been made due to its technical advantages and a high growing ecosystem of the Binance network. …

The emergence of digital infrastructure has resulted in an enormous amount of data about everything from someone’s location and music interests to traffic flows and online sales. This raw data has become foundational to Big Data processes, which use it to output value-generating business and social intelligence. Leveraging blockchain technology, GeoDB is democratizing the Big Data market by offering a decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing ecosystem where data creators can validate the integrity of their data and sell it directly to consumers without costly intermediaries.

As part of expanding upon our decentralized ecosystem, we’re excited to announce that GeoDB will be launching…

GeoDB is proud to announce our new partnership with FLETA.

Geodb plans to help the integration process to build a Geodata reward system for FLETA and its DApps. This will boost data being provided to the GeoDB data ecosystem & FLETA DApp owners to incentivize their users to provide this anonymous data.

FLETA is also under discussion to join as one of the founding partners of Geodb’s ODIN (Open Data Interoperable Network)

GeoDB already has 250k+ users across 100+ countries and plans to expand the ecosystem much more in 2021.

Luis Gelado Crespo, CEO of GeoDB, said, “This alliance…

Here is what you need to know

Dear community.
New events are coming up and it is our duty to keep you informed. The cornerstone of every blockchain project should be an active and enthusiastic community. From GeoDB, we want to convey that our priority is to establish a strong and trustworthy bond with you.

We will be issuing the first round of rewards on the Ethereum mainnet soon. Until now, GeoCash has been operating on a separate network, emulating the characteristics of a real but controlled environment. This means that the balances shown in the application were not reflected in the main Ethereum network. …

( or a Christmas present to our community?)

2020 was very successful for GeoDB. We have achieved significant community growth, onboarded thousands of new investors, and more than a hundred thousand GeoCash users.

It all brings a solid validation for the main value proposition of GeoDB, where users are rewarded for the data they generate. We have also been watching the changes in the big data and blockchain industries. Many exciting areas started to show substantial growth and demand from the industry, such as DeFi, DAOs, blockchain oracles, decentralization of resources, and various solutions towards data privacy.

Considering the current and projecting the future changes, GeoDB has done…

Learn more about the first phase of our swapping mechanism

Dear Supporters,

We are pleased to announce that we are now beginning phase one of the swap process.

Those of you who have kept up with the last few articles will be aware of the upcoming process and the exchange ratio.

For a complete idea of exactly what this means, check out the two articles below:


The first step is to ensure that the relevant wallets get rewarded. This means running a blacklisting process.

To check whether your wallets are blacklisted, you will need to register your wallet with GeoDino Bot & fill this google form.

Our big…

New crowdfunding campaign

During recent months GeoDB has shown significant progress generating key traction metrics. The amount of GeoCash downloads has reached over 200.000, with more than 125,000 being monthly active users, and more than 1.4 billion data points have been generated. Besides the growth of absolute metrics numbers, GeoDB has grown its international diversity. Our community is now spread all over the world and supported in 20 languages.


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